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Discover the most beautiful regions of México with the professional and knowledgeable guidance of Francois Deroeux. Francois is a recognized off-road racer, driving instructor and tour guide with an extensive curriculum in Europe and America with a satisfied international clientele, guaranteeing the best and safest experience for you.


As an ecologically responsible company, we promote the beauty of Mexico and support the economy of its regions and local people in an alternative way: by traveling on motorcycles.


We truly believe that we are offering you the best combination possible: a country with fascinating history and culture, contact with local people, impressive food, beautiful roads, suitable motorcycles, professional logistics and an expert guide, to experience an unforgettable journey.

Get to know your guide: Francois Deroeux

We speak English.  Hablamos español.  Nous parlons français.  Wir sprechen deutsch.

Frequently Asked Questions

An unforgettable off-road experience!


Amazing off-road adventure with stays in the most majestic colonial cities of Mexico.

Experience a mix of history, nature and even sport including the stages of the famous World Rally Championship.

Semi-desert terrain with cacti, forested mountains and impressive geographical changes, all with beautiful views of the state of Guanajuato.

Day 1   SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE - SMA                   120kms


Day 3   GUANAJUATO - LEÓN                                 130kms

Day 4   LEÓN - GUANAJUATO                                 100kms

4 days       500kms       85% of time off-road

Level of riding novice/intermediate depending of weather

Altitudes between 1,800 and 2,600 meters

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Discover the beauty of the Sierra Gorda, one of the most fantastic places in Mexico. An itinerary full of adventure with daily spectacular views!

Nature at its best with challenging mountain trails, river crossings and the opportunity to refresh our bodies into wild, crystal clear waterfalls. We will encounter local people along the way, learning about their local crafts, and visit famous Spanish Missions recognized by UNESCO.

Day 1  QUERÉTARO - BERNAL                             150kms

Day 2  BERNAL - PINAL DE AMOLES                     150kms

Day 3  PINAL DE AMOLES - JALPAN DE SERRA         120kms

Day 4  JALPAN DE SERRA - PINAL DE AMOLES         100kms

Day 5  PINAL DE AMOLES - SAN JOAQUIN              150kms

Day 6  SAN JOAQUIN - QUERÉTARO                      150kms

6 days       800kms       80% of time off-road

Level of riding intermediate/advanced depending of weather

Altitudes between 1,900 and 2,500 meters

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