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Traveling with the right people makes the whole difference!

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Depending of the tour you chose, FD Motor Pro staff can provide lead guide, support rider or/and support driver. We will make sure you will always get the best experience and have no worries. 


Your guide, Francois Deroeux rode and raced about everything, including trial, motocross, enduro, supermoto and rally in France, USA and Mexico. Even though profesional racing represents an important part of his life, Francois enjoys riding for pleasure, exploring and sharing with special people some special places. 

The Frenchman started guiding tours in Baja California in the 90s for exclusive foreign riders. 

Francois Deroeux is a final GS Trophy qualifier winner and International BMW Instructor, unanimously voted best instructor in Latin America. 

Beside his native country, Francois has lived 14 years in the USA and now 23 years in México. 

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