Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ about our 4 to 8 days tours:


I don't speak Spanish, is there a problem?

Our staff speaks Spanish, English, French and German so don’t worry.

Isn't Mexico dangerous?

In most of the countries of the world it is advisable to avoid sensitive areas, and we will do the same here.  We will take you to the safest and most beautiful places of México!

Can I take my wife on the tour?

Yes, but not on the same motorcycle because the trails we are taking can be challenging at times and for the safety of all, passengers are not accepted. We have options (on 2 or 4 wheels) so that companions who prefer not to go off-road can travel by road, enjoying the sightseeing at their own pace, to meet the riders at the end of each day.

The motorcycles are not too small for  traveling?

Trust Francois on that one! A large and heavy motorcycle can very quickly turn into a nightmare on challenging terrain. On this trip you will quickly understand that the concept of a light motorcycle is the best.  We want your experience to be optimal and we provide you with the ideal tool. In addition, the bikes are perfectly prepared before the start of the trip.

What do I have to bring?

Your complete enduro or dual-purpose riding equipment. You clothes and personal items for the duration of the trip.

Is there a support vehicle?

Yes. Our support vehicle allows you to transport your luggage safely to the next hotel, so you don’t carry anything on your motorcycle and enjoy the journey even more. Due to the characteristics of the trails we are riging, the support vehicle remains on the road.

Apart from the advertised cost, how much money do I have to carry?
In our trips everything is included: hotel transfer from the nearest airport, motorcycle, insurance, fuel, technical assistance, guide, sweeper, hotel, meals, snacks and entrance fees to tourist places. You will only have to pay to get from your home to the nearby airport of the tour and for your personal purchases.  

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