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Not too many destinations offer so much diversity as Mexico!

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The Sierra Gorda (lit. 'fat mountain(s)') is an ecological region centered on the northern third of the Mexican state of Querétaro and extending into the neighboring states of Guanajuato, Hidalgo and San Luis Potosí. The area is extremely rugged with high steep mountains and deep canyons. As part of the Huasteca Karst, it also contains many formations due to erosion of limestone, especially pit caves known locally as sótanos. The area is valued for its very wide diversity of plant and animal life, which is due to the various microenvironments created by the ruggedness of the terrain and wide variation in rainfall. Most of the region has been protected in two biosphere reserves, with the one centered in Querétaro established in 1997 and the one centered in Guanajuato established in 2007. The Sierra Gorda is considered to be the far west of the La Huasteca region culturally and it is home to the Franciscan Missions in the Sierra Gorda World Heritage Site.

See more at: Wikipedia SIerra Gorda

Prices with are based for a group from 5 to 8 riders. If you wish for a smaller group, a private tour or anything diferent


  • Motorcycle rental 

  • Third party insurance 

  • Multilingual guides 

  • On-road support vehicle 

  • Airport transfers 

  • Welcome and farewell dinner 

  • Mechanical support 

  • Satell ite phone 

  • Gasoline 

  • Entrance fees 

  • Hotel double occupancy 

  • Hotel single occupancy + US$200 

  • Premium single occupancy bivouac 

  • Breakfast/meal/dinner 

  • Snacks and soft drinks 

  • Tips 

  • Luggage storage 

  • Local gift, jersey and buff. 


  • Flights 

  • Alcohol 

  • Travel/health insurance 

  • Accident insurance 

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